We went Badger Pass Ski Area for sking. I prefer this Ski Are. I think I will go sking many times as I was so in Japan.
Since my experience of Yosemite National Park grows, I thought that the web contents about Yosemite in my web site is better to be separated from my main page. At that time, I found a nice free web service of Tripod. As you know, there are many good web sites about Yosemite National Park, and I don't think my page can be one of them. My little hope is that this page helps many people, especially Japanese, to know well about Yosemite National Park. I said that, but some contents are little maniac.(^^)
Though the sub-tittle is "Going Yosemite with Kids!", there are few contents written about kids...

This is my team!

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This is my team!
Yosemite National Park
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Is CA84 convenience!?
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Compare the route between San Jose and Merced.
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