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[img:YosemiteFalls] It was in the middle of winter, February of 2000, when I have been to Yosemite National Park first. My first impression was kind of regret. Why I had not come here for half year after I had come to California? I decided that I should visit Yosemite again in this spring that is the season the water will be increased.

Then, May, just the day we are allowed to drive all roads in the park those are covered by snow during winter, we visited Yosemite again. And all of the view we had seen that day were all wonderful! Since this visiting, I become to go to Yosemite National Park every month. Since I also have to take my little kids there, I regret that there are some place I cannot go where is dangerous for them. But that is not so bad, because I'm thinking to go to Yosemite every year from now on. Ha-ha.
 Date, (Lodging) Place we visited Inside(Upper Box) or Outside(Lower Box) of park. Route
1st VisitFeb./05/2000
(1 day)
Yosemite Valley(Tunnel View, Centinel Beach, Bridal Vale Fall(walk), Yosemite Falls(walk))
2nd VisitMay/20-21/2000
Yosemite Valley(Yosemite Falls(walk), Bridal Vale Fall(walk), Centinel Beach(walk), Tunnel View), Glacier Point, Mariposa Grove(walk), Olmstead Point, Tuolumne Meadows
Lake Erely, Mono Lake(Self Guided Trail)
3rd VisitJun./17(-18)/2000
Mist Trail, Vernal Fall, Yosemite Valley(Bridal Vale Fall, Tunnel View), Glacier Point
Kings Canyon N.P., Sequoia N.P.(Moro Rock)
4th VisitJul./08/2000
(1 day)
Centinel Dome(walk), Taft Point(walk), Yosemite Valley(Tunnel View, Valley View)
5th VisitJul./15(-16)/2000
Olmstead point(walk), Tenaya Lake, Tuolmune Meadows, Lembert Dome(walk)
Mono Lake(South Tufa), Lake Sabrina, Devil's Postpile N.M., Sonora Pass(CA108)
6th VisitAug./19(-20)/2000
(Mammoth Lakes)
Yosemite Valley(Tunnel View, Mirror Lake(walk)), Olmstead Point, Tioga Pass
Mammoth Lakes(May Lake etc.), Bodie(Ghost Town), Evets Pass(CA4), Lake Arpine
7th VisitSep./23-24/2000
Tunnel View, Valley Cycling, Wawona
Don Pedro Lake, Sugar Pine Rail Road
8th VisitOct./14-15/2000
(June Lake)
Olmstead Point(walk), Tenaya Lake
June Lake Loop(Grant Lake, Silver Lake, Gul Lake, June Lake), Mono Lake, Pine Lake, Bodie
9th VisitOct./28-29/2000
Hetch Hetchy, Tunnel View, Yosemite Valley
10th VisitNov./12/2000
(1 day)
Yosemite Valley(Tunnel View, Bridal Vale Fall(walk), Yosemite Village)
11th VisitDec./02-03/2000
Tunnel View, Yosemite Falls(walk), Yosemite Village, Cook's Meadow(walk), Centinel Beach
12th VisitJan./13-14/2001
(El Portal)
Tunnel View, Badger Pass Ski Area, Yosemite Village, Cook's Meadow(walk)
13th Visit2001/02/03-04
(El Portal)
Tunnel View, Yosemite Valley, Badger Pass Ski Area, Cook's Meadow&Merced River(walk)
14th VisitMar./(03-)04/2001
(El Portal)
Tunnnel View, Bridalvale Fall(walk), Yosemite Village, around Yosemite Lodge
San Francisco, Union City
15th VisitMar./30-Apr./01/2001
Tunnel View, Cook's Meadow, Bridalvale Fall(walk), Yosemite Village, Yosemite Falls(walk), Inspiration Point(walk), Hetch Hetchy(walk)
Merced River Canyon, El Portal, Oakhurst
16th VisitApr./28/2001
(1 day)
Chilnualna Falls(trail), Yosemite Valley
17th VisitMay/06/2001
(1 day)
Tunnel View, Cook's Meadow, Upper Pine
Kings Canyon &s; Sequoia N.P.(Tokapah Falls)

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